A Pain-Informed Physical Therapist Who is in Your Corner

Many clients are familiar with physical therapy and may have even had these services in the past. Physical therapists (PTs) are clinicians who undergo extensive education and training on how to address physical limitations to optimize function. Physical therapists provide strength, range of motion, endurance, and balance training for those experiencing chronic conditions or recent injuries. They also play an important role as a member of the pain management team, utilizing their expertise to assist clients with learning how to perform safe movements and trust their bodies again.

Unlike traditional physical therapists who tend to focus strictly on a biomedical approach to care, the PTs at SPMS undergo training specifically in modern pain research and concepts to provide a more holistic approach. Our pain-informed PTs understand that you may have had mixed experiences with PT in the past, where the PT may even have made the pain worse when all was said and done. This is why our PTs take the time to go at your pace and comfort level while structuring a movement plan that you can tolerate and slowly adapt to. There is no rush to the finish here--we will be sure to listen, educate, take our time, and make sure the treatments are both effective and pain reducing!