At Home Therapy
We Come to You
Opening Hours
Everyday: 8AM - 5PM

The Therapy Evaluation 

The evaluation process includes meeting you at your home and learning about your unique situation, experiences, needs, and goals. During the evaluations, you will work with your therapist to do the following:

Complete a physical examination--this includes assessing your baseline physical performance, abilities, and limitations.

Pain management assessment--we will gather information about what you currently do to manage pain and uncover areas of opportunity to address your pain in other ways.

Create an occupational profile--this includes an analysis of your medical history, current medication list, lifestyle/habits/routines, physical and social environment, and a general understanding how you spend your time

Administer assessments--we will work with you to complete evidence-based clinical assessments and provide interpretations of the results in a way that is easy to understand

Perform a home assessment--a home assessment will allow us to observe how your environment is setup, determine what equipment you have or use to get through your day, and to inform what potential recommendations we might be making as we work together

Develop a plan of care--together, we will work to create measurable goals and establish a pain management plan of care that is individualized to your needs and situation.