A Dedicated Occupational Therapist Who Can Help You Live the Life You Want

Occupational therapists (OTs) are trained clinicians who assist people with performing activities (or "occupations") that they need or want to do. These activities can be as simple as a morning care routine, or as complex as driving and returning to work. Occupational therapists specialize in activity analysis, which is the process of identifying barriers and challenges that stop people from completing their daily tasks. For example, people living with chronic pain may feel that physical, emotional, or mental barriers prevent them from living the life they want. Once these barriers are identified, OTs provide personalized interventions to promote recovery, wellness, and independence.

Chronic pain is a condition that can lead to depression, isolation, and hopelessness. The OTs at SPMS know that you are much more than your circumstances and we take pride in providing a holistic approach to care. Your OT will work with you to learn about what is contributing to your pain; how to use new pain management strategies in your daily life; and what to include in your pain "tool kit" to reduce or prevent pain flares. With their guidance and support, the OTs at SPMS will help get you back on track!

All of the OTs at SPMS are specially trained on pain management strategies, techniques, and approaches. Our OT program is inspired by Lifestyle Redesign®, a concept created at the University of Southern California. Based on two famous studies (Well Elderly Study I and Well Elderly Study II), Lifestyle Redesign® is a program conceived to address behaviors, habits, and healthcare beliefs that limit or prevent wellness. Through clinical assessments, education, and individualized interventions, your therapist will incorporate principles of Lifestyle Redesign® to maximize your success in achieving lasting chronic pain relief. Visit The American Journal of Occupational Therapy to learn more about Lifestyle Redesign®.