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What does an individual session include?

After the evaluations, your therapist will discuss the recommended frequency for individual treatment sessions. These sessions can be anywhere from 1-3 times a week. Each session will focus on a particular area of the pain management process. In general, these sessions can include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Lifestyle redesign education and implementation
  • Physical interventions and exercises to address flexibility, strength, endurance, and balance
  • Pain science education
  • Nutrition and meal prep education, training, and assistance
  • Sleep hygiene assessments and interventions
  • Manual therapies as appropriate
  • Customized therapeutic exercise plans to increase safe movement patterns and routines
  • Education and training on how to access and use resources in the community and online to create an ongoing pain management plan
  • Medication management and education
  • Community reintegration and planning
    ... and more!